7 of the best after-school snacks

08 March, 2022

Backing cookies with dad
From the moment their children finish school until they sit down to eat their dinner, parents are hassled with cries of ‘I’m hungrrryyyyyyyy!’. After a big day at school, can we blame them? Whet their appetite with one of these seven after-school snack ideas, covering savoury to sweet and everything in between.


No-Bake Chocolate Cereal Treats

We just love a no-bake treat! Not only are they tasty, they’re also super easy – meaning your children can help you make them. These no-bake chocolate cereal treats in particular are gooey, sticky, crunchy and downright delicious. Made from puffed cereal, marshmallows and mini m&m’s, they’re a simple treat to make that you can change up each time you make it!

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Quinoa Puff Bites

Remember LCM bars? Those deliciously chewy, chocolatey bars that are oh so bad for you? Consider these the healthy version – only just as chewy, chocolatey and delicious as your supermarket faves. They’re gluten free, dairy free, super simple to make and – our favourite part – the perfect after-school treat, no single-use packaging or hidden nasties required.

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Veggie Falafels

These veggie falafels are a fantastic idea for an after-school treat – not only are they quick and easy to make, but they can also be made in advance. They’re a great source of protein and contain healthy fats, which will keep your children satisfied and provide them with energy to see them through their homework and after-school activities.

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Banana and Carrot Muffins

A sweet treat is a must for after-school snacking, and fortunately these muffins are both sweet and healthy. The banana and organic honey help to mask the taste of the grated carrot, so children won’t even realise they’re eating veggies in their muffin. You could also add some grated zucchini to increase their nutritional intake.

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Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a delicious and healthy alternative to a packet of chips – and they’re oh so easy to make! You can keep them interesting for your children by changing up the seasoning every time you make them. Chickpeas are also high in protein and a good source of fibre, so they’re a total win, win.

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No-Bake Milo Balls

Milo is a classic Aussie treat that is hard for children to go by. But if there is one thing better than an icy-cold Milo on a hot day, it’s these super easy no-bake Milo balls! They are made up of Marie biscuits, condensed milk, coconut and, of course, Milo to give it that chocolatey, malty, totally delicious taste.

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DIY cheese and bacon rolls

Kylie from Kidgredients isn’t lying when she says these cheese and bacon rolls are just like the bakery ones. Of course, they aren’t the healthiest treat on this list, but making them yourself (rather than buying them from the grocery store) means you have full control over everything inside. No need to stop at the bakery on your way home from school, either!
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