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Edge Early Learning Milton Creates Children’s Storybook

21 March, 2019

Edge Early Learning Milton children write books

Edge Early Learning Milton Creates Children’s Storybook

Renowned Australian author and illustrator, Christine Sharp, recently inspired students at Edge Early Learning Milton to curate a children’s storybook – with a little help from their teacher.

The storybook entitled, Oh No! My Home! is the creative outcome of a collaborative effort between Early Childhood Teacher, Shirona Davies, and her Milton centre pre-prep class.

The book was the result of Christine’s interactive workshop on how to curate a children’s storybook that was designed to up-skill Edge Early Learning Teachers and give them the tools they need to be able to provide students with a new and stimulating way of learning.

The workshop enabled Shirona to take her class through lessons in igniting imagination, the craft of writing, coming up with concepts of characters and a plot, all enhanced by illustration to produce the book.

Oh No! My Home! is focused on the adventures of two children called ‘Charlie’ and ‘Nina’ that go on a journey to try and help ‘The Ice Monster’ find a new home after it was destroyed by heavy rain.

The storybook was completed with complementary illustrations designed by the entire class through drawing, painting and collage.

Oh No! My Home!  was unveiled at the Somerset Storyfest this week where Edge Early Learning was a Platinum Sponsor, and handed out to over two thousand people at the Festival’s Prologue Party on Wednesday, 20 March.

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