How, and why, to teach your children music

11 February, 2021

Teacher playing instrument to two children

If you’re debating whether to enrol your child in some sort of music class – or simply start their musical appreciation from an early age – consider this your sign to do so.


If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s a love for music. No matter what genre, artist or style we listen to, whether we play an instrument or simply enjoy singing along, music unites the human race.


But learning music doesn’t just bring joy – it’s also an amazing way to boost brainpower and memory function. One study even discovered that musicians’ brains work differently to those of non-musicians, because playing music is the brain’s equivalent to a full body workout. It’s also believed that students who were exposed to music while growing up are more likely to excel in academics. This video explains it perfectly!


By enrolling your children in music classes, they will be given a valuable opportunity to improve on their social skills. Learning how to work together in an ensemble shows your child the importance of hard work, leadership, discipline and communication, as well as giving them a chance to feel the rewards of that hard work.


In turn, your child will develop confidence with each new note they master and song they learn. From there, they can use their knowledge of music to explore their creativity, while also practicing patience when things don’t go to plan.


Convinced that your children need to pick up a musical instrument? If you don’t have access to classes, or simply want to increase their exposure to music, give these apps a try!


Rhythms: Learn to play music

Beat makers of all ages and skill levels will love experimenting with Rhythms. All your child needs to do is simply follow the rhythms of the music – they can learn at their own pace and will gain confidence as their beat techniques improve!


Simply Piano by JoyTunes

This is one fun, fast way to learn piano. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Simply Piano helps you learn the fundamentals of piano through familiar songs like ‘Imagine,’ ‘Chandelier,’ ‘All of Me’ and ‘Counting Stars,’ as well as classics like Bach.


Kinderling Children’s Radio

Introduce your children to the wonders of music with Kinderling, a radio app designed for children. Enjoy the latest and greatest songs for children and grown-ups while you groove with your family – they even offer meditation and sleep stories, too!


Learn Music Notes for Children

Learning musical notes is key to any musical education, and this app – designed specifically for children – is a great way to start. The games are designed for children between two and five, and will help your child develop an understanding of notes and an ear for music.


Yousician – Your Music Teacher

Think of Yousician like your music tutor for the digital age! They cover guitar, singing, ukulele and bass, and offer an opportunity to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like.


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