Early learning is about their whole self.

Some people might think Yoga for children is a little unusual. But, when you really think about it, helping our kids develop their bodies together with their minds is a realistic way to prepare them for all of life’s challenges, from developing their sense of self-awareness along with their physical capabilities, to dealing with stress and overcoming challenges — particularly in current times with Covid being so tumultuous.

Our involvement in the research and development of the Active Early Learning (AEL) Curriculum has demonstrated that children participating in physical literacy show significant improvements in emotional behaviour, such as impulse control, social interactions and concentration.

Physical literacy is building physical competence and confidence through activities designed to encourage the enjoyment of being physically active, which results in motivation to learn and an understanding of the importance of being active for life.

The AEL curriculum was developed as part of a research partnership between the University of Canberra, Deakin University and The Australian College of Physical Literacy (ACPL), involving over 14 years of world-class research, 2 million dollars invested, and participation from 16 early learning centres in Australia.

Now, it is embedded into all Edge Early Learning centres across South East Queensland, with Yoga and Mindfulness activities also available in the curriculum at selected centres — enquire at your local Edge Early Learning Centre.

You can see more of our Yoga approach in this video at our Milton Centre. To get started at home, you can follow along with this video of Baby Stretches.

All Edge Centres also have relaxation areas, both indoors and outdoors, equipped with soft furnishings, books and activities.

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