Nine Instagram accounts to follow when you need a laugh

07 April, 2022

Dog holding phone with selfie
It gets a pretty bad rap, but we firmly believe that social media doesn’t have to be bad for your mental health. Brighten up your feed and give these funny accounts a follow – we promise, you won’t regret it.


If you aren’t already following The Betoota Advocate, where have you been?! They call themselves Australia’s oldest and favourite newspaper which – just like their content – is only half true. Follow them for the most relatable and satirical takes on current events.


Everyone knows dads have the best fashion – this is the account that documents it. From chunky neon sneakers (not the trendy ones) to rash vests and cargo shorts – sometimes all at once – you may not get much fashion inspiration, but you’ll surely laugh.


She went from Internet sensation to cover girl, and we’re not at all surprised. Celeste burst onto the scene a few years ago with her crass, confronting parodies of totally unattainable beauty standards, and she hasn’t let us forget her ever since.


They claim to be ‘the meme page all of your friends follow,’ and after a scroll through their feed, you’ll probably believe them. They compile the funniest tweets and memes from around the internet, so you don’t have to go searching for them yourself. Perfect.


She’s the hilarious co-host of ‘I’m A Celebrity’, and Julia’s humour totally translates to her Instagram feed. Follow her for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on the show, snippets of her home life and that ‘breath of fresh air’ sense of humour Australia – and James Corden, apparently – has fallen in love with.


Finally, we couldn’t round out a list of the funniest Instagram accounts without mentioning the internet’s favourite topic, could we? @funnycatsvideos is the best place to get your fix of (you guessed it) funny cat videos, sharing only the best content from around the internet.


We’re sure we don’t have to explain to you the joys of following funny-man Hamish Blake’s equally funny, even clever-er and totally business-savvy missus, so we’ll simply say that we love her nuggets of wisdom (and her nuggets, Sonny and Rudy).


‘Kook (noun): someone posing very hard as a surfer or skateboarder’. Thus, @kookslams is a page dedicated to the most hilarious (and cringeworthy) accidents and mishaps that happen when people end up out of their – metaphorical and literal – depth.

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