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Relaxation Stations

03 March, 2020

Relaxation stations at edge early learning

Never underestimate the power of relaxation. Relaxation can lower the risk of depression, anxiety and heart-related problems, boost our immunity and improve our mood, brain function and memory. But what’s the best way for to relax? Here are three great options that all members of your family (whatever their ages) can try…


Yoga dates back thousands of years, but it only really gained popularity in the West- ern world in the 1980s. In layman’s terms, yoga is a practice of body postures, meditation and breathing control. There are a number of different varieties of the ancient discipline, all with different focuses, intensity and methods. Almost all of these varieties, however, focus on the core principles of breathing and simple meditation, most incorporate poses and stretches to flex and strengthen different muscles. The purported benefits of yoga include improved flexibility and muscle strength, better posture, the prevention of cartilage and joint breakdown, protection of the spine, improved bone health, increased blood flow and draining of lymph fluids, and even a boost in your immunity.


Lauded as one of the best ways to reduce stress, control anxiety and find calm. Meditation has grown increasingly popular as more and more people discover its incredible benefits. You don’t require much to meditate – just a few spare minutes, a comfy, quiet spot and maybe (if self-meditation isn’t your speed) a meditative audio track or podcast to listen to. Lovers of meditation claim it helps improve their self-image, gives them a more positive outlook on life, enhances self-awareness, lengthens their attention span and even reduces age-related memory loss. Physically, meditation can improve your sleep and help you control pain, while also decreasing your blood pressure. In short, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Tai Chi

A favourite for people young and old, tai chi is a weight-bearing exercise (that is, one done while on your feet, so you bear your own weight) and a form of Chinese martial art. Much like acupuncture and herbs, it is an important part of Chinese medicine. It is an holistic experience, increasing blood and energy flow through the gentle contraction and relaxation of the muscles, while promoting a state of meditation through deep breathing and concentration. With an emphasis on balance, tai chi works both sides of the body equally and, unlike other forms of exercise, is done very gently. It’s relaxing and enjoyable, and will leave you feeling calm, energised and in complete balance by the end of your class.

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