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Young children’s play is their way of learning about their world. To discover talent in young children means tracking their interests, curiosity and fascination with new experiences. Edge Early Learning gives children the best opportunity to develop new skills and discover new opportunities.


Connection and communication are key.

People are social. So nothing motivates us more than our relationships with others. That’s why we focus on building respectful and caring relationships to empower your child to develop through exploring their world and those around them.

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Developing a strong sense of identity.

The physical independence of walking accompanies an increased sense of agency and identity in toddlers, making this a critical time to create a sense of belonging, self-worth and respect in their interactions with others.

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Learning to be part of the team.

When playing with others becomes more interesting than playing alone, it’s time to start learning how to interact with groups in a productive and cooperative way, with structured games and social skills development.

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