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10 crafts with an egg carton

04 May, 2022

child doing egg craft
Before you throw away that empty egg carton, wait – did you know that you could be holding the secret to your child’s next amazing sustainable craft session?! Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite egg carton crafts, from cute bumblebees to an undersea world and so much more.
Egg carton monster treat holders

The ultimate Halloween craft idea, these egg carton monsters double as treat holders – perfect for your next scavenger hunt! We love their crazy colours, googly eyes and hilarious expressions almost as much as we love the fact that we can recycle a whole egg carton by making them.

Click here to make them


Egg carton ice cream cones

Okay, this is seriously adorable. For your child’s next pretend ice cream stand, whip up a few of these egg carton ice cream cones. With a little bit of cutting and handful of pom poms, you’ll have a tray of delicious (looking) ice cream cones to serve up. All that’s left to do is choose your toppings!

Click here to make them


Egg carton crab

Your children will love this friendly little crab, who looks like he has crawled out from under a bright shell – all with a few brushes of paint, some googly eyes and, of course, an egg carton. No matter where you display him once he’s done, he’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Click here to make one


Egg carton ladybugs

So simple, yet so cute, you’ll love making these ladybugs with your children. They’re the perfect spring craft! You only need to stick to two colours so they’re super easy to make, and the result is seriously adorable. All you’ll need is your trusty egg carton, some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms and paints.

Click here to make them


Egg carton helicopter

This craft combines art and science, so it’s a win-win in our books! Simply cut a long rectangle of paper, cut halfway down the middle (lengthwise) and attach an egg carton cup to the bottom. Pain it in your choice of colours, then try dropping it – you’ll see it spin like a real helicopter!

Click here to make it


Egg carton tree

This three-dimensional artwork will look so good displayed on your child’s bedroom wall, and it’s also such a fun craft activity. Simply glue some egg cartons to a small canvas to form the bushy leaves of a tree, then paint your artwork and add some flying (or four-legged) friends into the mix in the form of stickers or cut-out drawings. Easy.

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Egg carton boat

This one is heralded as a ‘Mayflower’ creation by our American friends, but there’s no reason you can’t use the instructions to create egg carton boats – perfect for racing down gutters during a rainstorm. You’ll need some paints, straws, fun paper (for the sails) and some scissors and glue, as well as an egg carton.

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Egg carton dragon

Whether you’re always on the hunt for a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year or your children simply adore dragons, you will all love this awesome craft. You’ll need a few supplies and a bit of time, but the end result is so worth it! Your children will love playing with their new dragon friend or displaying it in their room.

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Egg carton ocean

A whole ocean inside an egg carton?! Yep, it’s totally possible – and all you’ll need are some paints, paper, shells and any other decorations you have on hand. We love how versatile this craft idea is; not only can you add any ocean animals or objects you like, but you can also apply the same principle to a desert, snowscape or beach carton, too.

Click here to make it


Egg carton bumblebee

Last but certainly not least, this egg carton bee craft might just be the cutest on this list (and that’s saying something!). Made with yellow paint, some black string, googly eyes, pen and paper (for the wings), you’ll have a blast creating these little bee friends.

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