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Eco-friendly art activities to try with the children

12 March, 2021

Boy in a cardboard box with his teacher

Art activities are a great way to keep the children busy on busy weekdays or rainy weekends, but they don’t need to create waste in the process. Here are some art activities that won’t cost the earth!

Paint nature pictures… with nature!

You’ll need a selection of leaves, twigs and sticks to make these nature pictures. Find out more here.

Make a rag rug

If you are one to hold onto scrap fabric, this is a great way to turn it into something useful! Find out how here.

Make a ‘big box’ town

What to do with that enormous cardboard box sitting in your garage? Make a town! This blog posts tells you how.

Make cardboard insects

On the other hand, if you have a smaller cardboard box – or spare sheets of cardboard – these insects are the perfect solution.

Make stamps out of old corks

Don’t toss out the cork next time you open a bottle of wine – turn it into a stamp instead! This video shows you how.

Make a twig mobile

If you’ve got a selection of small sticks and some yarn, you can easily do this craft! Click here for the full instructions.

Turn soft drink tabs into ladybugs

Before you toss that soft drink can out, save the tabs – they can become the cutest ladybug wings if you follow these instructions!

Make alphabet rocks

The tools for teaching your children letters might already be waiting in your backyard! This guide for making alphabet rocks is creative and educational.

Turn your milk bottle into a fairy house

The life of your milk bottle can continue long after you’ve finished the last drop with this idea for turning it into a fairy house!

Make egg carton animals

With a bit of paint, glue and, of course, an egg carton, you can make a whole zoo! Here’s how.

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