Cooking with Children – 5 Easy Recipes

02 April, 2020

Cooking with children 5 easy recipes

Whip out those aprons and get your children in the kitchen! Long weekends are the perfect time to teach them those simple, yet super tasty recipes that they’ll remember for life!


Wholemeal, dairy-free pikelets // make them here

Pikelets aren’t just delicious and versatile – they’re also perfect for little hands, making them an ideal food for your children to master early on. But we’re not suggesting you let them loose on the stove top. Rather, get them to give you a hand measuring and combining the ingredients so that they get the hang of those basic cooking skills.


Pizzas with homemade bases // make them here

Who could say no to a pizza? While it’s definitely easy to buy the pizza base from your local supermarket, real cooking skills come from making them yourself – and your children will always appreciate the fact that you taught them how to make pizzas from nothing more than some flour, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil.


Scones // make them here

Scones are a great recipe to master early on as they seem impressive, but they’re actually super easy. You can also top them with just about anything, or pack in some fruit or veggies to mix things up. The scone-making process also includes some key cooking skills that your kids will be thankful they learnt early, like kneading, rolling and cutting.


Chocolate-chip cookies // make them here

Who doesn’t love chocolate-chip cookies? Perfecting the art of baking the perfect chocolate-chip cookie takes time and practice, so it only makes sense to teach your kids how to make them from a young age. They can do all of the mixing, while you handle the hot stuff – and at the end of the process, you’ve got a batch of warm chocolate cookies to enjoy!


Savoury muffins // make them here

Breakfast, lunch or for an afternoon treat, knowing how to make the perfect savoury muffin will serve your children very well as they grow up. They can add any veggies or other ingredients that they like into the mix, but the basic recipe will always stay the same. The best part? They only take about 30 minutes.

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