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Top Slime Recipes

02 April, 2020

Slime Recipes

It’s messy. It’s gooey. It’s the greatest thing in the world – to your children, at least. With a plastic sheet in the backyard and some old clothes on, these safe slime recipes provide the perfect activity.


Easy fluffy slime

Fluffy slime has to be our favourite kind, both for the satisfying feeling of squishing your fingers into it and for how easy it is to make it – the shaving cream makes it almost fool-proof! This recipe is just one of many great ones floating around the internet. Head here to make it. 




Easy baking soda slime recipe

Got an independent slime-maker who insists on doing everything themselves? This easy baking soda slime recipe is perfect. There are no nasty surprises – did you know borax (a common slime ingredient) has caused burns on children’s skin? Yikes! The end result is stretchy, gooey slime they’ll love. Make it here.




Super simple DIY slime

We love this DIY slime recipe because it doesn’t call for glue, borax, corn starch or flour! It makes thick, stretchy slime that won’t break apart and get into your lounge fabric (another huge bonus in our books). Try it here.




Two-ingredient slime

Two-ingredient slime?! Sign us right up. This recipe, like the others, doesn’t need borax, and you can make it in a snap-seal bag – minimising mess and maximising fun for you and your children. Make it here.



Rainbow explosion slime

This slime recipe definitely takes the cake when it comes to exciting names – what child wouldn’t want to give it a try?! All you need to do is make your slime and add in a splattering of sprinkles, sequins or any other rainbow toppings you fancy. Try it here.


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